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In the heart of Ribatejo in Portugal, Quinta da Cholda is a family enterprise who manages over 500 hectares of farmland and 2.000 hectares of forest. Highly focused on the production of cereals, mainly corn, and cork and other forestry products, it allies innovation and the respect for biodiversity in its processes, making it a one of a kind in the Portuguese agriculture landscape.

Precision Agriculture

Discover how new technologies are changing modern agriculture. 

Sustainable Agriculture

How we changed the production process to reduce our impact in the environment.

Renewable Energies

Learn how we reduced costs, creating our own energy source at the same time.

Using technology to achieve a sustainable agriculture

Our history

Quinta da Cholda (Azinhaga do Ribatejo) is located in the municipality of Golegã in the district of Santarém, Portugal. With a history of several centuries, little is known until 1755, the year in which the original farm was destroyed in that year’s Earthquake and rebuilt at a later date.

In 1923, Quinta da Cholda was acquired by João da Assunção Coimbra (1866-1956) from Luís Oliveira Sommer, owner of Quinta da Cardiga, which once belonged to the Templars Knights.

João da Assunção Coimbra began working at Quinta da Melhorada (Pombalinho) at the age of 16 to learn the trade of a carpenter, practicing for several years. In the course of his long life, João da Assunção Coimbra became, at age 23, a tenant and, later, also as owner of several properties in Casével, Pombalinho, Azinhaga do Ribatejo, Golegã, Carregado and Chouto, south of the Tagus River.
Currently, Quinta da Cholda is managed by the third generation of descendants of João da Assunção Coimbra.

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Quinta da Cholda
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